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  1. Oh so …americans really look like cartoons , How funny ! 😀
    most cops there are donut lovers and pretend to chase bad people

    1. you know what is even funnier than that, the fucking jagged butter colored disaster your country calls “teeth”. but hey, at least you people are all equally un attractive

    2. Achtually, despite what people say, British teeth are one of the worlds best, they’re achtually better than Americans, so get your facts right you overweight bimbo.

      Britans are better looking than Americans too. 🙂

    3. Let’s just be honest… we’re all ugly retards. Some more than others perhaps… at least my grammar is respectable.

  2. That fat ass has to be eating more than just donuts, $50 says if you open his lunch box he’ll have a whole fucking rotisserie chicken or two lmfao!!!

    1. Actually there would be more calories in a couple of iced/ filled doughnuts than in a whole medium roast chicken… and most law enforcement workers don’t have lunch-boxes. I’ll take that $50 and buy 5 nights with your mum.

    1. No, I think you’ll find the obesity epidemic is almost worldwide now but it did start in America. Well done them.

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