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  1. Was that guy just messing with those people? How could he not notice them laughing at him and filming him? And at one point u can see him drop part of the napkin in his lap.

    1. He had his eyes closed… The napkin fell back on his plate… That’s what he put back in his mouth at the end lol

    1. I thought it was only in America where people can’t distinguish between “there”, “they’re” and “their”… I guess I was proven wrong… o tempora, o mores!

    1. I bet he was thinking, they may laugh now, but come four hours from now only one man will be laughing >:)

  2. It’s obvious the giggler’s in this video have never been drunk and hungry. Pretty bad mistake eating the napkin and forgetting about the toast though.

    1. If it’s anything like England, once you leave the pub, you stop off for a donna kebab/pita bread with mystery meat…mission successful.

      This guy is so blindingly drunk he literally is going by routine, and eating anything in front of him, surprised he didn’t try eating the cutlery.

  3. How do you miss eating a fooking napkin? Just stuffing it all in your mouth and chewing…OMG, seriously, how do you just start eating a napkin like it is a piece of meat. I have been drunk before, but that is just wow:o

  4. Watching this, I actually felt sorry for the guy. Looks to me like he needs serious help. If you get that wasted when you’re by yourself in public, it’s generally a bad sign.

  5. Ok so the only time I’ve seen someone this drunk they just finished 17 shots of spiritus and an old bottle of absinthe … They just did what ever and weren’t really there in the head… It’s like sleep walking lol

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