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  1. i will never understand how people can live in filth and shit, i come from a low income poor family and we have ALLWAYS been clean and tidy and… just fucking self respecting fgs.
    have these people given up on life or what?

    1. @militaryminded85 at least you have a sense of humour some people get very bad over a comment like that, this is a picture of the social system at work.

    2. @ lol
      I’m on social assistance up here and I keep my place fucking spotless. There is no excuse for fucking living in dirty conditions. I make $325 personal living allowance, my bills are $250, bus is $20, paying back a loan is $20 and $5 is to blow on something I need, but there is no fucking filth like that in my apartment.

    3. filth and shit FTW! Brb bathing in hotpocket wrappers and cig butts.

      @Militaryminded 108 lbs? Just my type.

    4. @HeartbreakPrincess besides the disgusting comment i’ve done i recognise i felt sorry for that girl. it’s clear that this girl has some additional problems. I don’t think you could imagine how fucked up is her, even in your worse nightmares.

  2. She’s got that classic look of “I don’t know, I don’t want to know, and you told me I’d forget, so just shut the fuck up and leave me alone”. Looks like she just finished some dishes with all that sink splash on her…uh…stomach. Time for another bong and a beer. “Gonna watch my stories, now”.

  3. Let’s see…
    She’s got the apple bottom jeans (check)
    The boots with the fur (check)
    And the whole internet is lookin’ at her (check)

    1. @ beautifulbombshell look in the fucking mirror sometime you are not perfect either in fact i’m 100% sure you are either a fucking vain ass cunt or a stupid ass guy that thinks he’s so cool but isn’t

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