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    1. Reminds me of the scene in Independence Day when all the people are dying in the tunnel and the dog barely makes it. The whole theater cheered and all I could think is: what about the millions of people that just died? Animals > People?

    2. Ease up animal lovers. I’m sure the dog and kid are fine. That was the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

    3. Damn, drohne, you’re right. The dog lunged toward the person. There’s something about the chase that dogs can’t resist.

    4. you are one of the stupid people on the planet…have kids and see how stupid you looked preaching about animals. Sh&t I am gonna kill two more than I need just for you tonight!

  1. if that were me and my friends. I am sure all my friends would go check on the dog first. but we would have been going more like 90 no ten mph.

  2. I really doubt the dog was hurt that bad, it’s a big dog, not much smaller than the human actually. I’m sure both shaken up and maybe a little bruised, but that’s probably it.

    Although the human richly deserved whatever bruises they did get while the dog was an innocent bystander.

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