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    1. You sure thats a guy? I honestly cant tell black features intertwine a lot, and I dont mean that out of ignorance.

  1. Typical hiding behind a computer screen, would’nt say this to a black persons face, racist behaviour. I laugh at your cowardice

  2. Ooooh Firefly is so SCARY!! :O How do you plan on recognizing him? …Maybe the little portrait is a mandatory badge of honour now, when roaming the streets late at night, trying to dodge the gorilla gangs?

  3. oh, and angel.. you dont have a clue who bailey is. lol… he doesnt give a shit about what you have to say. :D:D:D

  4. oh and “that guy”, I’m sure “Angel” is losing sleep over the fact that they “dont have a clue who bailey is. lol… he doesnt give a shit about what you have to say.” Stop sucking bailey’s balls and find a smarter hero LOL. or at least one that spell behavior.

  5. *inbred*….inbreaded is just silly. but I have to agree..morons that think an entire race is ugle is just pitiful…this one is homely, but I have seen nasty looking creatures of every creed and color…so you fail UnholyShit.

    and Mary…it helps so much to spout reverse racism bullshit..especially spelling like an illiterate. Please, at least type something semi-intelligent if you intend on burning some redneck sack sucker over an ignorant comment /sigh

    hypocrite and proud

  6. ur funny holyshit.i like the way you act on here, but in real life your probably some pathetic prick who feels bad cause he has a small the world a favor and go fuck yourself.

  7. @bailey your a typical white cracker who probably does meth and snort that computer spray who gets no love from his red neck parents….who will never get a girl who will end up killing hisself from lack of communaction with any other human being. Have a great day…….cracker!!

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