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    1. Steve and other person who is equity creepy… Did you notice the cold sore on her mouth hole?? Maybe you should just stick to putting it in her tushy hole.

  1. thats hialrious! it looks like this girl in my grade whos really fat and looks pregnant im starting to think she is….

  2. Eww…okay not only does that girl look all of 14, but really?! Your preg… Yeah, preganacy is beautiful…except when u are intentionally slutting it up…i feel bad for the child LOL

    1. You are so stupid. There is nothing ‘damn hot’ about a LITTLE GIRL pregnant AND still looking like a tramp. Fail on you too, dude.

  3. umm wow, haha. there is a girl at my school she is like 15 or something, and me and my friends have a whore day once every week and we send out like a bunch of texts to people the day before whore day well this one prego girl gets a text and she shows up to school in short shorts and a really tight shirt that showed half her stomace…while all the rest of us actually looked good. and totally like whore, which is good for us cause the guys LOVE our whore day!

    1. YOU sound like a fucking little spoiled bitch whore. Go get drunk and choke on a stranger’s chode.

    2. Thats just fucked up in everyway. What person in there right mind would do that to another person. bitch.

  4. Being pregnant is super sexy for a women and i’m all for the sexy preggo picture idea but i think she should have thought twice about the outfit, she looks like a convict.

  5. what is she like 12? I am disappointed in our society these days. any teenager should have a kid and girls her age shouldn’t have sex… smh..

  6. Pictures like this, AND the people that think it’s “hot”, is just proof that the majority of Americans have no integrity or morals anymore (if they ever did in the first place). It is never okay for a child to be exploiting herself on the internet, let alone when she’s pregnant. This is a mistake she can never erase.

    1. not true there is this thing called abortion, an option to any unworthy soon to be mother. Just wish dipsht’s mom found out about it sooner .

  7. It’s time to reconsider the stance on condoms and abortions, people. Why screw up 3 peoples lives for a fuck?

  8. This makes me sick… she’s what, my age?? (15) and sluttin’ it up and getting pregnant while she’s at it. Way to go kid, way to go. -_-

    (And also, why does everyone on this sight think they have to contstantly cuss and tell everyone to ” STFU ” ??? How immature. :/ )

  9. EWW i went to the beach once and there was a pregnant girl with a string bikini and she was like 8 months along its like wow how does that look cute

  10. Serously? She doesn’t look 14, for one thing, unless she is a particularly old 14. She looks more like 20 and idiotish. And, let’s get real, unlike the photo, which is obviously a fake. Look at the belly. That is not a pregnancy belly. It’s too smooth and wrong and weird. It is obviously done by “blowing up” that section of her body. Also, any girl who had that size of a belly while being that small, you’d see the baby a lot more, the belly would look lumpier. Bellies look lumpier, anyway, when you are pregnant and tilt off to one side and such – because, there are babies in them. This is no belly that possesses a child within. Get a clue! Epic fail on the person who faked it and posted it and on everyone who was taken in.

    1. You obviously never seen a pregnant belly. The belly button and The stripe from naval to sternum is a dead givaway. the out fit she’s wearing, though not impossible to fake would take far too much tedious patience to accomplish before going raving mad. look at the stripes. If her belly was ballooned in PS then you’d see it there. The room decor and the fact that her legs haven’t even begun to fill out yet is another dead giveaway for her age. I highly doubt she’s over 16

  11. Annoyed you are an idiot. I have been pregnant 4 times and my belly looked similar to that. She isn’t standing straight and babies can hide in a mothers back. My son did that to me and it hurt. Until you know all ways a preggo belly can look, get a clue.

  12. Ok… Ew .. Pregnant … Kid? … Um I would hide that belly bitch… Acting like a floosy is why your pregers in the first place

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