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    1. the grand ma wasnt f-ing up, she was on the left of the road, the other driver was going way too fast, as seen by the drifting back end, and ended up in oncoming lane.

    1. The driver with the camera has not lost control of the car, so he was not going too fast. It was impossible avoid the crash with that drifting idiot, even if the car with the camera was parked aside!

  1. good drift, bad timen. dunno if its a cop or a cabby with the cam car but either way he’s gonna get his ass beat lol

  2. how much do you wanna bet the guy drifting got out and said “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING DRIVING ON A PUBLIC ROAD LEGALY WHILE IM DRIFTING.. DAMN IT”

  3. Shoot, Everyone just go to and we see this daily!! right now I’m looking at 19inches acquired snow from Monday to today Friday…WHY DO I LIVE HERE??? I love the 4 seasons….snow, rain, mosquitoes, and cutting grass….f-that

    1. No, the airbags shouldn’t deploy on such a soft collision. If the drive had smashed his chest into the steering wheel or gone into the windshield and the airbags didn’t deploy, that would have been an airbag fail.

  4. Why is everyone assuming the driver of the blue car was drifting on purpose? He probably spun out of control going down hill too fast.

  5. yeah air bag fail. the air bags are suppose to deploy at anything >20mph or 32kmh. By the looks at that the combined force would be greater than that needed to trigger the safety

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