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    1. Why is it that morons like you never have anything better to do than bash gays everytime you have a problem? Do you fancy a bit yourself, mate?

    2. what does the guy in the video being lame have to do with his sexuality?
      do you know he’s gay, or you just thought it would be a cool way to talk shit?
      so all homosexuals should die? or just lame asses?
      your stance is unclear.

      the rest of the day, whenever some ignoramus irritates me, i’m going to say, “that mother fucker is so steve stout, fool. for real.”

  1. Pwahahahahahaha!!! Mad Dog? (O.o)
    He looks like a dog with that huge colored black nose.
    ..after a while he starts to look like a dog too. 🙂

    1. @Gemstar — I do agreeee, I did forget to say that. Lol!! Sadly, why would she stay with him if he doesn’t work and sits at home all day.. then decides to tall “HER” Money and ink his face. Lol. He looks like a dag resembles a dog, she should treat him like a dog and tie him outside for a few days. LOL.

  2. Everytime I ever watched the Jeremy Kyle show, I felt so ashamed to be English. He’s almost as annoying as the people he has on his show…

    “Why don’t you get those tattoos off your face and get off your arse and get a job?” erm hasn’t anyone told him that they don’t exactly scrub off?

    1. British rendition of the Maury Povich,Jerry Springer shows………I hang my head in shame.WAIT!I’m Cananadian!We don’t have any retard talk shows!As skull tattoo guy….if my man came home with that I’d be obliged to bury him.

    2. when i watch jeremy kyle i have to look away cuz he and the guests make me wana puke…i bet mad dog didnt even get picked on in school, he is the type you look at the school photo album and say i dont ever remember seeing him in my class? lol

    3. @KellyD There’s plenty of retards in Canada. Just take a look at your so-called Human Rights Commissions.

    1. i am, Cunty wunty hahaha are you british then? i’m not one hundred per cent british so i don’t give a damn anyway..there’s fails all over the world dear 😉

    1. Are you that naive it is so fake, that guy clearly was reading the prompters you can see it from the way he looks only in three different directions, and what he says always sounds a bit sketchy compared to what the host is saying

  3. @ Kelly D
    You might not have crap talk shows but Canada sure likes producing shitty singers and gay comedians. Go drink some milk out of a plastic bag you freak.

    1. @KellyD Canada has been suckling the US military protection sow for some time now. Spend more on Defense and stop letting radical Muslims into your country. We’ll do the same once this idiot of a President is out of the White House.

  4. Jesus H, i feel ashamed to be English when i see twats like that,dole scum we call them in England, im ex Military and im convinced they should bring back national service when every man and women reaches 18 so hopefully we can instill a sense of pride and discipline into them before they turn out like that,oh yeah Jeremy you cant rub out tattoos!!!

  5. That guy’s gonna have one hell of a time trying to find a job. He’s gonna realize his mistake, regret it, and he’ll have to wear heavy makeup to hide his mistake for the rest of his life.

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