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    1. yeah, that why he aint got his finger on the trigger and pointing it directly at the camara, he’d prolly have a crack spaz and kill his fam

    2. There cartridges, or rounds, that aint a shotgun! $50 says if he fires that gun he’ll punch himself in the face. Fake ass wankster. Nice military

    1. shut the fuck up you cant tell from that far away what you THINK they are wrapped with jesus i know you wanna look like you know something but seriously your so gay

  1. I bet that was shot between the first and the fifth of any month. Hence the money in his dollar store head band that he got off the “cash assistance” from the government!. Im black, grew up in Flint and I still dont understand how this shit looks cool fag or thug! Just sayin.

  2. Who says there’s still evolution in the human race? A lot of people at least are trying to show the opposite.
    What a waste of space…

  3. Punk ass or not, he still has a loaded snub nose. You may laugh at the way he looks, but for all you know he has killed some one with that gun. What I don’t understand is why he has two blunts in his mouth and not one of them is lit. I see a pot head fail there..

  4. He aint got no killer in him, he couldnt even kill a roach. Maybe someone else killed with that gun and sold it to him, he probably wakes up and says mom whats for breakfast, and shell say 40’s and capn crunch.

  5. yes you can tell they are blunts but im asking the same thing some one else asked
    why doesnt he have either of those blunts lit
    hes a straight up dumb ass
    and if he has killed with that gun then hopefully they find him
    but i dont think he did haha lol

  6. that blunt on the right looks like someone w down sydrome rolled it… oh well i guess some ppl dont mind if its bent (;

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