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    1. Na, look at the one on the other side, she does the double jump. The one that fell just somehow fucked it up halfway through.

    1. It has kinda happens to me … More like I got dropped on my ass but… I laughed it off as the girl who dropped me cried 🙂

  1. WIN for sure, I can’t believe she got up, I can’t believe non of the idiotic crowd did anything. This crowd sucks. (Most USA sports suck without cheerleaders anyway)

    1. why dont you go play soccer and suck cock on the dl. quit insulting america cause its better than ANYWHERE you are from.FAGGOT!

    2. Just another anti-American idiot. Despite all our current problems there’s no other country that comes close to our success and you know it.

    3. … We were always told get off our butts if we can and don’t make ppl help us :/ you say it’s ok and go light from there if your really hurt… Cheerleadres… The coches are bitches so it’s a meh

    1. She looked hurt. Did you see that, just before the video cut off, she seemed to be losing her balance? It looked like she was even going to drop the girl she was holding.

  2. I wonder if she does gymnastics too? It looks like she was going to go into some routine, and jump again, then realized she’s doing the simpler one-jump cheerleader routine, and tried to stop in mid-air, with horrible consequences.

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