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    1. Maybe his girl took the picture cause they are Going to kill them together and she took it as a memory… That “remember when we killed together” memory

    1. amm no, fucking bitches & assholes are deliberately doing it so that they make him feel inferior. It’s girls way of feeling more powerful in society at that age, but in fact they are desperate and/or in heat and/or showing off. You can’t look at that guy and not feel sorry for him. I hope he put methyl in their glasses.

    2. LMAO then the guy that has sociopath bride. see that the picture is centered, like a sniper sight. and finally nothing more and nothing less than hanging it on the internet so the photo finish out here.

  1. set up pic, his girl is taking the pic….but if she isn’t he definitely has that Jeffery Dahlmer look. Really cute, sweet, lonely..deadly look.,lao

  2. this is undoubtedly a set up. no fucking way 4 couples would decide to make out at exactly the same time after eating dinner and loner (who just happens to be dead center of all of these lovers) would just decide, “well i am being completely ignored so i think i will continue drinking this while looking angrily at whomever is taking this picture.”

  3. “None of you are leaving here alive tonight, and im taking this fucking ginger ale home with me..”

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