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    1. wait a sec, i speak fluent alcoholic, he is saying if i washed all the shit off of her face, she might be decent.

    2. shes not black, her hair is just really fried and almost dead b/c of how much shes probably died it. holy shit.

    1. Emos are goth Lolita With what they call “a fresh rich Paris touch” … Still emo just not anything like what emo use to mean… No punks dining about love here just a bunch of guy wanting to be girls and a bunch of rich girls who would be their fag hag beards

  1. No this is on her OkCupid profile, and she probably does anal cuz she thinks shes a porn star (like legit one) rofl I will find the link to her profile soon after i send her the link to this!

  2. In a way it could be very cute. She just dont need so much makeup. I guarantee behind that makeup is a pretty girl. Id hit it lmao! >o<

    1. Um… That girl isn’t black in that movie… Either Colombian or latino I forget which… Not black

  3. Race aside..this bitch is entirely too silly! Looks like a retarded skunk that let a four year old do her make up…after convincing her it was halloween.

  4. . Emo girl … Give away= the stupid top lip peircing that was “omg oh so totally popular” to those “I’m a prep but with a dark retarded side” ppl

    1. Ps you have got a shit smudge on your nose from licking ass all day to get your lips to be black

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