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  1. Im at a loss for words on this one. Rob a house, pretty much get away with it, until you decide to post a pic of yourself on the victims fagbook page. I knew people were brainless sheep but this just makes no sense.

    1. Definitely a case where a picture says a thousand words. And when I look at his picture it say’s “DERP!” a thousand times.

    1. Guys guys there is a difference between a nigge and a black person ok… That guy is a nigge … Stupid stupid black dude

  2. omg what an american america and americans are america like ohohohoho Zimbabwe #1

    (surprised Ive seen none of these comments for this one)

  3. ballin at any cost thats gangster not you fucking moron.I think the purpose of the pic was to show his niggas or anyone that he got money .

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