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  1. She’s an android. Gosh, who cares? They have the Appalachians and shit, so why should we bother giving them our hard earned money. I like Basebally-bally – They got me by my balls. Missed opportunities and shit. 9/11 was an inside job. A Royal Airforce scam. Well, at least she used the toilet.

    1. You’re SO right! OMG!!! We should totally, like, round all of them up and put them in hygiene “camps. We’ll just call it a… uhhhh… an ethnic cleansing! Way to advance the species!

    2. Did you not see that pic where a BLACK girl was by the toilet with a turd in it? nasty black ppl!

    1. See post from … at 3:33pm 2/25. That person said she’s a Chav. I had to look it up too, Lauren seems right to me.

  2. No ur all wrong. She trying to proof that she can pee standing up. Dont u see the lil ladydick hanging down her???? If not use your fantasy

  3. Why do all these nasty trailer trash fat bitches always look the same. her name is probably ashley or misty hahahahaha

  4. I like this website that’s why I use my free time to comment on video and express myself. This girl onscreen is proud taking a photo of a WC filled with pizz. Why? Pizz stink more than shit you know

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