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  1. You know you’re in Redneck Central when you get pulled over for acting like a fool in the parking lot of a ROSES. I’ve only seen three Roses stores in my life and each of them was in a hell hole.

  2. did the cop do something legal?
    In some countries it will work like this, the parking area is private property, so he cant mult him.

    1. Yeah, that’s how it is here as well. The owner of the property would have to call the cops in order for the cops to be able to do anything about the burnouts. Just a few months ago my friend was drifting around in an empty parking lot, and the cop was waiting for him to leave before stopping him and sending him on his way lol.

  3. Did anyone notice the speed in which the cop drove in… You’d think he was thwarting a bank robbery, obviously this guy has little to do in his town… Paul Blart Parking lot cop…

  4. ha ha ha dumb ass honda guy get a real car and i bet the cop would not care ha FUCK HONDAS, hondas owners need to do something other them intall a cold air itake and a fart can that dose NOT do shit for hp …get a real car

    1. I got a great idea, why don’t you get a life? If you’ve ever owned a Honda you wouldn’t be talking so much shit, their dependable cars (not the new ones lol) and if you don’t have a stick up your ass you wont put a fart cannon on it. Simple as that.

    1. Dan, you really SUUUUUCK at spelling it’s hurting my testicals!

      Why don’t that asshole(1) blow that honda up and go get a Chevrolet(2, which is american!) or one(3) of those american(4) muscle(5) cars.

      That’s 5 mistakes in 1 sentence! My unborn son does better than you!

    2. @Big Joe. You actually got a few wrong, (1) Dan, you really SUCK at spelling, (comma)it’s hurting my testicles.(2)American. 🙂 If he decides to spell that way, he can. This is not Grammar class.

  5. Why Dont Faggets Who Have To Pay 100 Dollars To fill Up Their Tankzs and Still Get Smoked By A 4 Cylinder. Ill Admit This Is Kinda Of Retarted But Noo Need To bash On Honda Owners, Im A Proud Honda Owner, And I Would Wipe The Floor With Any V8 In My Honda.

    1. First of all Honda Boy you obviously don’t know shit about muscle cars. I can get 20 miles to a gallon with a 454 motor. It’s all in the gearing and I could certaining blow the handles of a little 4 cyclinders like yours and still drive farther!

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