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    1. Not ugly except for that with the onepack. I agree with doobie and blabla… U are gay.i Thank god for it… More chicks for me ehhehejhe

    2. no gay people ’round ‘ere. Only some guys with a REALLY bad taste in women. okay, go ahead, take the ugly ones, so that there are more hot ones left for me.

    3. I agree with poopr .. they are ugly no sense of style.. no makeup sense. Their faces look messy. Hair messy. How can you trust a female who cannot take care of herself. LoL

    4. bunch of retards its obviously a sleep over and there taking pictures of course they wont be all dressed up…girl in the middle is realy fuckable girl to the right isnt “that” bad i mean i seen alot worse and the left forget about it just cast her in the fire

    5. right one’s face is ugly as fuck and middle one does the stupid duck face – that alone disqualifies her. What needs to be said is that she has nice tits, though…

  1. Not gonna lie to on the right are pretty damn fine, the one on the left looks like precious’ twin hahahaha

    1. Yes. Those are two of the hottest babes I’ve ever seen on epicfail, especially the one in the middle. But, it’s nearly 3 years later, and time is ravaging, especially to white girls…

  2. You all are wrong, two white ugly girls = one ugly black girl anyday…it’s a poker thing…careful what you poke dudes.

  3. <— would fuck the middle one, while the one on the right licked my balls, and the one on the left videoed from across the room. 🙂

  4. You bunch of sad pieces of shit that go out of your way to make others peoples lives miserable! Yall are probly a bunch of lazy ugly Xbox playin LOSERS that cant even get laid by your fucking dogs! Go hang yourselves bc to do this to someone else yall must be some kind of miserable! ASS HOLES!

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