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    1. I was thinking the same thing.. artwork is really good, faces are tough to get right.

      But again… were Harry Potter skin tags too played out?

  1. You know..if a 40 year old man got a bunch of tattoos of 16 year old girls all over himself, somebody would call the police.

    1. lol nice 1. this pic is such a fail that there should be a new site for just her instead of bad party pics

    1. perfect response out of all of these. and the but crack is a no go..ewe. and the muffin top is a no go…yep this whole woman should be skinned and redone…

  2. Holy fuck the twilight fever is spreading,kill the little 15s years old,AND THE YOUNG WANABE GRANYS (not the hot ones) PEDOBEAR.

  3. Well… first of all why on the skin… that is extrme… why not just a painting… because later down the road there be somthing much better to get into. Besides fangless day walking all the bloody damn wrong version of vampires! Their not vampires, just super smart zombies! -.-;

  4. Okay really, this woman is how old? Tattoo artists should really go in depth with their customers, “THIS WILL BE ON YOUR BODY FOR LIFE! NOBODY WILL FUCK YOU! THEY WILL GET OLD AND WRINKLY WITH YOU! THEY’RE VAMPIRES THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WRINKLE!!!!” Epic fail, disappointed h-core in this woman’s judgement!

    1. Gotta say though that minus the portraits of the characters, the scenery is epic (love tree tattoo’s!)

    2. God and I just noticed there’s no baby! What the fuck kind of fan puts a picture of the couple at the bottom and doesn’t include the gorgeous (in my mind) Renesme?!?!?! My guess is she’s a movie fan! The books were way better!

  5. STUPPID!! comon twilight?? thats so gay if a someone wanted a tattoo like that on them hell no iam not doin it thats just gross and fuckin stupid man!!!

  6. I thought that kinda milfy.. Until i realized thats fookin Twilight back there. Now i just want to send her ass back to the retirement home with a busted kidney.

  7. ok, let’s get this straight: lady, you’re old. you shouldn’t get yourself that shit don on your body. on the other hand we have an AMAZING tattoo artist that made and ostounding job, even on that canvas.
    But please people, cut the Twilight crap!!! sparkling vampires that get married with mortals and get married and have babies and cry and… too much, I’d pierce their hearts with a wooden spike, vampires, werewolves, vamplovers and fans, I0m sick of them all, they ruined vampires for everybody

  8. You should have put wolves instead of those stupid ppl and it would have been exceptable … He’ll you could have put boba fett and it would be .0001% more exceptable …

  9. Seriously guys, the woman like the movies and the tattoo was done really well. (though i will say i never saw the twilight movies simply because VAMPIRES DOWN WALK AROUND IN THE DAYLIGHT..but hey that’s me) but why be hating so much, it’s not your mom/wife/relative. Obviously she enjoys the Tattoo so why Hate? the woman is a human being and I would bet you $20 if you any of you were standing in front of her you wouldn’t say sht if you had a mouthful! but instead you sit at your keyboard and spew out all the hate you have because it makes you feel good and perhaps you have low self esteem issues, or maybe mommy didn’t hug you enough as a child. whatever your issues are..they are YOUR issues.

    Some peoples children I tell ya

    1. Hatin – can anyone else borrow that soap box ….there was me living my life and i was doing it all wrong – go away , no one is interested in that crap you preach

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