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  1. uh. he’s definitely not Mexican bro. He Middle Eastern or Egyptian… or maybe Turkish. but not Mexican.

    1. ya look at that nice house … and theres not 35 ppl in one room so ya thats not a mexican house

  2. He’s Turkish, mate. And it’s definitely an epic win. The baby sitting on the chair dances with the music as well. šŸ™‚

  3. He must be a little red neck too. They bought a new TV and instead of moving the old one they just put a doily over it and called it good.

  4. Im Turkish also thats why Im pretty sure about he is Turkish coz I saw this video before in a Turkish site ( In addition to this this is a typical Turkish house you can understand it from the white sheet(in Turkish=kırlent) that they put on the television and everywhere that its possible to put it:D
    It was like a fashion in the past, every housewife used to knit it by herself, but nowadays it is wiped out from the modern houses however you can find it some houses specially in rural places and small cities.

    Ps:( Sorry about my grammar)

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