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  1. You fuckin ppl are all stupid, this story probably has a much more morbid and upsetting background. This photo was probably taken by whatever gang member caught these two guys then forced them into a tub and made them smile for the camera. What you’re looking at are the last moments of these two men before they were most likely electro-tortured, beaten with baseball bats, then dismembered hanging upside-down. Probably some cartel related shit, a picture somebody randomly copped and thought was funny! HA! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

    1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! laughing..go be a dumb ass somewhere else.

    2. HAHAHAHAAHA are you fucking seriouse? lmao if anything they are gang members.
      p.s. the photo was photo shopped. if you look closely the guy on the right is out of portion and his head is much smaller than it should be.

    3. Then why go through the hassle of taking the picture in the first place?

      Oh, by the way, I’m laughing pretty loudly. 😉

    4. but if u think about it, if they werent in a qanq in the first place that shyt wldnt have occured….and those two look like two grown ass men to me, they had made that decision to live that lifestyle…there’s a reason why u dont see ne OG’s runnin tha streets, qanq life is made for tha younq…im surprized they made it this far….

    5. um just to let u guys know i just saw a pic of these two guys making out what looks like a wedding of some sorts so no photoshop its real and i dont see nothing wrong with being gay or a gangter love is love no matter what u are

    6. pp…stfu. you come on a website meant to bring laughs and you take somthing like a picture so seriously. PS…ppl are still laughing. and so am i. and the pic is not photoshoped. hes leaning back, thats why he looks so far away. laugh, get layed, and grab a beer. just calm your ass down.

    7. wow. some of you get way over emotional in these comment thingies, huh? [looks at pp] sensitive much? Christ. =|

    8. Whatever floats ya boat BUT …. you just don’t try to look hard (no pun intended) for the camera with ya homie behind you in tha tub….For Real? C’mon man…

    9. bree(: You’re wrong.. his head is not out of proportion.. your just stupid.. and Eli: You’re stupid too, you did not see these guys making out.. your retarded. just making stupid shit up, but pp: your stupid. like they were gonna get electrotortured whatever the hell htat means,, bu your stupid.. i doubt they were killed. k, that was just a stupid post.

    10. str8 sik ass fools . one of those sik ass bastard got los tatted on his arm. scanless ass varrio to except that kinda shit. make the southside look bad . whoe are those fuken lames. put there hood on blast

  2. Or maybe it’s just two gay gang members who took a picture to remember their “good times.” Then someone found it and posted it on the internet.

    1. This has to be one of the most badass pictures ever found, it’s almost magical!! Like you said, these guys prolly took a good timez picture, they got pulled over, someone forgot to lock their phone, select and send. Bam instant classic!!

  3. Or maybe they’re just a gay couple. Just because they have shaved heads and tattoos doesn’t mean they’re not gay. I mean, go to a gay leather bar and you’ll see guys that look just like this.

  4. ok, ok…. this obviously is a case of two gangsters who met up in prison, shared sum prison luv then decided they wanted to be together in the real world. So shout out to all the hardcore gangsters who are man enough to flaunt their prison luv!!

  5. Ehh holmes I’m not gay but could you please pass the shampoo, it seems like you may have some dry hair folicles around your butthole that are chaffing my penis.

  6. @ Steve I agree with you 100% dawg… These fucking lames are making the South Side look really bad!!! If anyone knows who these are come forward… Their hood needs to get green lit!!!!

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