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    1. if a ran football, id make it so the replays would be shown on the big screen so the reff and the whole stadium could see how gay people are

  1. If I were the black dude, on the next play I would trip him and then kick him in the head. If I got called for a penalty, I’d get my kick in.

    Course I am not gay so I don’t play soccer. But if I did swing that way, this is what I’d do…

  2. Football or Soccer, regardless of where you play it, is truly the sport of Kings.

    Erm, I meant Queens, apologies.

    1. no shit who the f**k actually watches soccer, all you do is sit and watch stupid foreign bastards run up and down a field for four hours for the score to come down to f**kn 4-3

  3. Soccer requires technical ability, American football, or football, as you yanks call it consists of a field of bulked up fat pricks chasing an egg shaped ball,utterly shit,think i would rather wank off cats than watch NFL just like basketball and baseball, only decent sport in the US is NHL, oh…and name a world wide known NFL player…thats right , theres none cause its only you daft yanks that watch that garbage

    1. yup chris,they say other sports are for gays,but what about their shitty American Football???i would really like to see the best NFL team playing against not the best but only some mediocre rugby team,ofcourse by the rugby rules.they would run in pain like bitches after the first 4-5 minutes.

    2. very true american football sucks , any sport that requires that much padding and safety gear is truly a game for pussies

    1. yeah jim :(after the Europe send all the garbage to live in the “new continent” America 400 years ago,now they start sending their garbage back to us in Europe.this is bad

  4. Oi BlahBlah, UFC is about the most homo-erotic sport out there, a couple of guys in their underpants, constantly in the missionary position!!!

    1. loool, iv always wondered why i had no interest in it,
      now you’v put it into perspective i can continue to not watch it with a clear conscience!

  5. not only Europe. It’s played everywhere. Why? Just for variety, nothing more. If you suck at soccer, better go try another sport, why not football? Hey, it’s even got the same name!

  6. How can u say that Football is gay? nuthin gay about it when somebody Dashes in2 ur knee with a slide at full speed 😉

    At least u American Cocksuckers got protective gear LOL

    1. Our blood, our sweat, your tears. Anybody can kick a ball around. Don’t hate the players hater, hate the game.

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