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    1. yeah most lickly not. they were probly shooting blanks. it was just the air moving that took his hat off. stil would skare the shit out of most but not deadly

    2. A) Blanks can kill at short range. Shoot a blank at an orange and it will fuck that shit up.
      B) Blanks will behave the same as regular ammo as long as there is a BFA (Blank Firing Attachment) at the end. Its hard for me to see due to the quality of this video.
      C) Maybe they do the cocking of the rifle because its part of the drill/tradition? Not sure…
      D) The guy behind him owes him several beers now.

    1. Mexico of europe? Dude! U never seen Ukraine and Belarus… Cause they don’t have cameras…

      And this shoot – cause of AKM construction, hard spring…

  1. That is a moronic drill, to have people firing their weapons in the direction of someone standing right in front of them!!! Unthinkably dangerous!

    But, yeah, the guy that got grazed does have incredible discipline, not to turn around and kick the idiot behind him in the nuts.

    1. dont you think in combat there is gonna be some one in front of them, if u get mad get mad at the fuckin solider who misfired the gun hes the moron

    2. No, in combat, you do not fire at a 45 degree angle over the head of someone standing right in front of you. If someone is standing in front of you and you have someone to shoot, you move to the side. Of course you can blame the guy that can’t handle his own rifle, but the drill itself is inherently dangerous.

    1. yeah, fah sho’ – only that those are German soldiers you see in the video…

      and by the way: The joke has to be more like “In Soviet Russia Squad fires YOU!”

    2. oh, wait. that’s NOT the German Army. The rifle’s they’re using aren’t G-36’s – maybe it’s the Polish Army, I’m no sure…

    3. I think they are Slovaks.
      Still,Polish soldiers are w/o doubt brave but inferior to Germans and Russian in any way,shape or form.And I am not speaking about WW2 only…

    1. Nah, usually no Army in the world would spend live ammunition for salutes – That was just air pressure from a blank that whiffed the bonnet off his head.

  2. Yeeeaaahhh, that are some tuff guys dude!!

    People from poland got ballz of steel, they never run like little pussies!! 😀

  3. for all the people saying he is lucky or has balls of steel. they are blanks. you dont just shoot bullets into the air in the middle of a dimonstration with people all around you. it was air from the blast no a bullet that took his hat off

  4. england and america has the best army in the world, england for the S.A.S and america for the marines…the rest of the world gets their police and war training from our old war films, no joke…thats why they smoke so mutch, because in our old films we always smoked, the hero ALWAYS had a cigaret or a cigar, and thats why they are shit, because they train from something that isnt real LOL. you can hate me because you know its true

    1. @ poopr, you only hate me because you aint me, i always strike up an intresting conversation bad spelling or not,….ok mostly bad spelling but that aint the point…look i know its hard to not be listend to but you just got to except the fact that im the intresting one…now give in and like me… everyone els has

    2. HAHAHA!!! You obviously never hear about Germans!
      Americans are biggest pussies and most incompetent soldiers in the whole world today!(Marines were great in WW2,but today…)
      You have superweapons for an ordinary soldier and call an air strike to flatten the city block when someone is actually firing back at you with 50yr+ old weapon! Not mentioning use of WP,UAV’s cluster bombs… You and Israelis are discrase for warriors!

  5. 1.It’s a Polish army.
    2.They are shooting in the air, just one guy fired his wepon when reloding in a different position.
    3.They are shoting with blanks.
    4. GZ to the guy that lost his hat 😛

    1. ever heard of air pressure? Blanks actually can be quite dangerous if fired a point blank range but as you can see even at a distance of one yard or so the air pressure delivers quite a blow.

  6. To be aunest they are not from Poland, close tho, estonian.
    Tho vid surely gets omg out of everyone who sees it.

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