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    1. She just came out of the dentist, that’s why she can’t move half of her face, because of the anesthesia.

    1. her right side facial nerve is hurt, thats why she cant close her eye and that explains why her mouth seems to be pulled to her left side

    1. omg spelling fail and sentence building fail…..
      she got to the dentist and half of her face is unavailable at the momment

  1. This is Bell’s Palsy, a usually temporary facial nerve paralysis… though in a case this severe, she might have permanent partial paralysis left over.

  2. Bells palsy, brain surgery? Wtf, she’s just had some nummer from the dentist, its why she cant close her mouth you divs.

  3. She is fucked up on some drug the doctor gave her before the operation I THINK giggling, eys in the back of her head lol

  4. It IS funny…
    she isnt a retard or anything just out of surgery , and her face is sedated…its nothing permanent…so yeah kindda funny that she is that numb

  5. I had a temporary facial paralysis just like that. It was funny not being able to close my eye, mouth or even wrinkle my forehead (the left part of my face was dead). After one month’s treatment I recovered 100%, but many people without proper care are scarred for life.

    The funniest thing was that I had to take facial acupuncture every day (about 20 needles all over my face) and when my friends came to visit I couldn’t help laughing and all the needles popped out.

    Hope that girl is OK, she seems to have beautiful features. Judging by the way they laugh about it, it’s just temporary (like anesthesia or smth.)

  6. I loved to wank to this, i like to see people in a narcotic state like that and rape them in my mind <3 shes not bad looking. epic vid.

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