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  1. Vampierlife, when he turns 1 week older and vampires are untrendier than they already are it will only say fuckmielife

  2. Okay.. I thought Vampire Life was already a fail enough, so i didn`t see the spelling fail in the tattoo.. sorry dude.. my fail!

  3. I know the idiot who did this. Her name is Tiffany Scarlett and she did this as an attempt to get into clubs for free (VampireLife is a NY based ENT that occasionally throws club parties) Here’s her Twitter to prove it — >

  4. Wow do we not have spell check or a dictionary? Oh…..Secondly what do expect form a chick who calls herself sexy bellaca? I mean come on is that all you have to offer? Then you tattoo this on your body and it’s not even your company, you did it so you can get into clubs free? Pathetic! Please follow the yellow brick road and ask the wizard for a brain and stop giving brain bellaca!

    1. oops *from – expect from. Yeah I spelled that wrong BUT it wasn’t a tattoo LOL

  5. I’m from Holland and this is how we spell it in Holland.

    a Vampier. So, it’s no fail. He just has to go and live in Holland.

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