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    1. You were first, asshole. Wtf do you have to prove by being first anyway? Are you that in need of approval from others? Dont you have much else going on in your life that you feel accomplished have a first comment on a shitty page? Know what I mean. Pathetic. If anything, you look like an asshole with fuck all else to do and waiting on a shitty video to be posted to get a first comment. lmao

    2. it has nothing to do with approval you dumbass. i visit here once a day. since new posts are infrequent saying “first” i think to many people simply fun and its a joke which has been going on here for a long time. shut up. get over it.

  1. I love how in all these videos you have the doucebag cameramen laughing hysterically and still filming rather than help the friend in question out smh

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