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    1. Now how did that cockring end up in my face and how can I get it out before mum sees me? Maybe I should just kill myself first instead….

    1. It’s the 1970’s wide rim glasses..and pink nose ring, so she can be lead around like the Female Ox she is..she didn’t look in the mirror before she left home…poor baby girl.

    1. well they are different people. different size rings. many many things are different in these pics are you blind or just stupid

    2. WRONG!! the difference anal virginity. this stupid chick using a plastic nose ring will never have dick on her arse

    1. i dont think it is a nose ring. It looks like them plastic rings that you hang your shower curten off of

    2. Hmmm…Shower curtain ring perhaps. I do believe that’s what you call those “plastic rings that you hang your shower curtain off of”

    1. she isn’t Down Syndrome, she is trying desperately hard to be noticed,,but she went lesbo instead of sexbo. There is someone out there for her…maybe a Downs Syndrome Guy…ouch!

  1. yeah .. that’s a shower curtain ring . she does look like she has down syndrome , now that i’m actually looking at her .

    1. sorry thats not a shower curtain ring. Thats a baby toy ring to put on a carseat. My daughter has one and she can find better things to do with it.

  2. Its not a real nose ring dumbasses, she put it in to take a quick picture. Epicfail has really gone down hill latly

  3. Wow this girl is a freak!
    By the way, I want to correct you, that isnt a nose ring, thats a baby toy. What has the world come to? Fake Bitches!

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