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    1. teams not that great. 14 could be a guy . 52 got that number because thats how overweight she is and 12… see the picture so basically if it dosent end in 1 there ugly

    2. wow. only in America. Would they all be his own daughters? Or maybe is one of em the mother of some of the others…

    1. Alaric…the #14 IS a dude…the one that nobody choose to play in his team.
      “Joshua…you go play with the ladies!!”
      Normally, this type of males will kill all their family before they reach 30’s.

  1. Those poor girls are probably getting molested by that couch.

    All while the world laughs at their misfortune.

    1. #14 is not a boy, now a married woman, at the time just a girl in Jr. High with short hair. A one of the best basketball players our team had.

    2. lisa..#14 is a guy. “she” told you that “her” name was Anne (or some crap like that) to have excuse to enter chicks balneary after the volley class!!
      i did the same a few years ago to masterbate on the foggy showers watching the chicks after class..awesome!

    3. #14 is a girl. And she’s, already, been thinking way too much about vaginas. I’ll bet she’s been bugging #52 about letting her touch it. “Just let me pet it. That’s all I want to do. I won’t try to kiss it or stick my tongue in it, again. Honestly.”

  2. 14 looks like a girl with short hair. She also seems to be the only one that “gets” this pose is so bad….shes the only one not smiling

  3. #14 & #52 have something going on. Look, #14 ia obviously leaning over #52. That’s why #14 gave #52 red socks as Bday present.
    By the way,
    -after the game team always goes to #52’s house for dinner.
    -#14 is young John Cusack
    -$21 is Neytiri from Avatar

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