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    1. Learn how to talk you fucking retard. What the hell does “What does not want this” fucking mean?

  1. This is just painful, watching them try again and again. This will never work. These guys don’t know the first thing about torque. They need a back wheel to stabilize, like a tricycle. What a horribly annoying engine too.

    1. if they wanted a tricycle they would have built one… i think this is a cool idea and i hope they can figure it out. I would think they just need more weight on the bottom of the “cockpit” area

  2. 0.001 horse power. Why waste all that diesel to begin with?
    Oh yeah, he really needs that helmet, god forbid hit hits something with that speed.
    In the beginning I thought a tree was going to fall and split that vehicle in half, and I thought they put that junk on the roof to cushion it.

    1. It’s not a diesel you retard, it’s a 2stroke petrol engine. You can hear that a mile off.

  3. This is not a fail. In fact im going to write my letter to Santa earlier this year so the fecker can get it right.
    Dear Santa,
    I saw this on Epic Fail and i soooooooo want it. Heres the link . I want that one.
    Yours Me.

  4. these guys were having some r&d fun with lotsa laughs. a healthy sight 🙂
    some of the critics here are just plain trying-too-hard-to-be-perfect human beings.

  5. Man I want one of these things to roll around in the yard (flip over and over) and drive the neighbors crazy. I could charge $10 a ride for it. That build out took a lotta work! What a riot! Not a fail – makes for a great show!

  6. I dont really think its a torque issue as it IS Mobile. I think its more an issue of traction, and power balancing out.

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