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    1. morons
      this was obviously a setup
      the end was capped off and filled with oxyacetelyne
      he knew it was gonna blow–why else would someone be videotaping the whole thing?

  1. That Guy had a hot ass torch in one hand and just got launched. This is over a fail and a nightmare being a part time welder myself

    1. suppose it could of been worse… he could have been using an arc welder on that metal pipe he was straddling lol

    2. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was an arc welder mate. As long as you aren’t the earth, you wont get a shock.

    1. Hey it did not show up when I came back to look at other comments, then after I post it shows up.

  2. Welders are cool! You cannot only break a lotta stuff with ’em, you can also set things on fire… that’s pretty awesome. I think I’m gonna get myself a gas welder real soon! Setting the world ablaze is more fun than a barrel o’ monkeys!

  3. im still trying to figure the order according to the time inwhich the comments are posted somthing dont seem right as well as my posted comment says 2:36am although its 11:36 pm,wednesday

    1. thats because this site is stationed in canada and that is the time they have when you post

    2. yea cuz canada only had one time zone and all of a sudden they switched them from east to west to north and south???? do people ever think before they speak?

    1. well this is obviously stated.
      if you would have looked at the first few post you would know this.

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