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    1. well judging by the look of this dude, i susspect the site of a shower is a pretty fucking special occasion.

  1. He probably saved his own life. Owner would have had every right to pump some lead into him. Kind of a win for him.

    1. How? He could’ve said “hi” to the owner and got his face shot off.

      If you’re going to break into a house in the US, do it safely.

    1. if he was homeless how did he call police from the bathroom? I mean either the guy had a cell phone, or the homeowner has a landline in the bathroom.

  2. That’s the nice thing about AR-15’s, You get 30 chances to hit a naked crackhead hiding behind the shower curtain.

  3. there shud be a video on this and they put it on that one show called the 10 dumbest criminals..this guy wud be number

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