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    1. Funny, ye. But skating should be illegal. Those wheels chip up the concrete and one skater wears out nice looking stairs more then the thousand of shoe-wearing walkers caused.

      Fact: Skaters destroy our tax-payer funded infrastructure
      Fact 2: Skaters will never hold down a job to help pay for the infrastructure.
      Fact 3: After skaters are done, they leave a trail of HIV infected condoms from their mass orgi*es. Rather disgusting.

    2. youre infrastructure is a piece of shit in needs to die, two thing like you, the worst is that im sure you pick up our condoms and shove em up your ass SKATE OR DIE FAG!!!!!!!!!!

  1. It gotta be win when makes people laugh… HBP, for example, is a win because she makes me so happily in love. Thank you, HeartBreak Princess, thank you with love

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