Sliding Board Fail


People Fail

“I managed to capture this as my daughter came off an apparently very treacherous

sliding board.  Don’t miss out on her father’s face in the background.”

Submitted by Mandy H.

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  1. what would you say if you are faceplant and your dad like
    -sorry honey , i have to stand here and smile to camera…

  2. The face of the guy makes me laught a bit more than the little girl, learnig life, when she understant taht sliding face-front is never a good idea.

  3. ok heres whats up. dad here is high in the pic. and the kid say “hey dad imma go down on my belly”
    dad here being alll high and shit say “hell this should be funny”so he goes with it. this is an Epic Win in my book lol

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