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  1. It’s actually an amusing video when you’ve worked in construction or have been around construction for a couple of years. But I guess most of you people are used to working at McDonalds and don’t have a clue how fucked up this so called “electrician” is for doing something like this.

    1. I’ve seen worse but this is highly unorthodox. Ever hear of junction boxes and underground piping? 😛

  2. Just had my construction,electrical, plumbing, roofing ex-husband look at this, and we Laughed our Asses OFF. John says that it is just a temp job cause the worker ran out of Romex..I say it sure took him a heck of a lot of time, he could of made a spool of Romex with all the splicing and dicing he did!!!! That’s the competition folks!!

    1. Agreed. No it does not. At the end of the day it is bound to cause a fire at any point along the path that you choose. This is criminal negligence.

  3. No, I’m bringing my workshop up to the Swanson code. And if the Swanson code happens to overlap with the city government code…

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