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    1. There’s something called “guilty pleasure”. We all have ’em. So don’t be a wuss.
      Tie your shoes and kick some faces, you’ll probably feel a lot better after that. I think you should talk about it because trying to figure it our yourself only brings you down. Eat some delicious caek. Find a homo and give him a new home-o. Don’t forget to water your beanstalks. You can pee on ’em if you want to. Do not dabble in black magic as you can get a satanic depression from that. Listen to some nice music and have a cup of tea every now and then. Flash your titties only if you’re sure there’s no one there to take an embarrassing photograph of you. The internet never forgets. Keep your eyes open for landfills – they’re easier to overlook than you’d think. Do not shave your eyebrows. Do not pluck them excessively either as real beauty comes from within. Keep your cock in check. Fidget if you’re in desperate need of attention. You’re a delicious cantaloupe. You’re a psychopath. Good look!

    2. yeah, alright, you don’t have to tell me: I accidentally wrote “good look” instead of “good luck” – Well, shit happens…

  1. First all… door to a kitchen???? second, thats a tiny ass kitchen!!!!!! and last, he’s a fuking retard because he could have ruined the pots and/or pans!

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