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    1. never mind being fat enough to get harpooned, but to be fat enough to survive a harpooning, wow. Also Harpoon is No Oprah backwards.

    1. yea, chinese people don’t eat whale meat! They eat dog, cat, penis, blackish eggs that smell like old sneakers, eyeballs, animal balls, brains, etc…I am not really helping am I?

  1. shoot funny thing is ya guys talk about asian ppl eat nasty stuff but in reality they are healthy. in contrast, fat ass american eat a fat fuck meal everyday and they complain about gaining weight and on top of that some americans want free healthcare ……well for starter stop eating a Mcfatfuck happy meal …lol lmao ^___^

    1. Actually, I’m betting if more people eat those freaking Happy Meals rather than super sizing every fucking thing things wouldn’t be as bad as they are.

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