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    1. It’s a win to die? You’re either mentallly retarded, or a virgin. I’m guessing both.

  1. fake. how would the snake have ingested silicon if it didn’t puncture the implant? Then she would need more than some tetanus shot to fix what should be a ruptured tit.

    1. and how would silicone kill?
      it is used for implants, because it doesnt interact with the body
      it is definitly not poisenous at all, else would every woman with implants die

    2. the silicon is encased in a bag dipshit. And women have died from ruptured implants before.

  2. The EF is the story! The snake didn’t die from silicone poisoning! These British fools were fooled! EF!! But we who read Ef are smarter than that!

  3. This is clearly fake.. Snakes aren’t vampires… the fangs inject venom – not extract fluids – for the snake to ingest enough silicon to actually kill it would mean it would have to have physically eat the silicone – then eat enough of the inert stuff to block its digestive system. If you believe this crap – you fail…

  4. I’m gonna go with “They didn’t want to hurt her feelings..and since most models are dipshits, they convinced her it died of silicone..not her ugliness!”

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