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  1. Some slap their asses, some hug, some even kiss, but this guys, are the first to “69” while celebrating a goal in FOOTBALL.

    1. Yes it’s well known that football is a merry, fun pastime.

      Oh wait, did you mean homoesexual? Granted the players are often overpaid, some fall over at the idea of a tackle, but it’s a beautiful game. Just because 2 practitioners of a particular sport do something which looks homoerotic doesn’t make the whole sport gay.

      You are a major fail.

    2. football is a real sport with skill

      american football is for fags that want to act hard but have to shove on a load of armour just so they dont hurt them selfs

      if they want a real game try rugby see how your faggy american footballs get on there

      and you call other sports gay because your shit at them the only sports americans are good at are ones no one else plays

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