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    1. sooo wait .. .Japan is all Athiest ?
      and his answer is to destroy an entire nation of innocent people ?

      ohh wait .. thats pretty much the bible ; God does kill a SHIT LOAD of people in it XD

  1. This makes me physically ill.
    Lol, by the time Easter comes. Well, it came and went and NOTHING HAPPENED!
    Pray yourself into a coma.

  2. She does not represent all believers. Seriously…the majority of us have compassionate hearts and brains enough to know that God is not killing off people to show them His power.
    This girl is seriously misguided and the fact that she doesn’t have a clear understanding of God does not in any way reduce God or His word.
    Get off of the idea that “all” Christians are this messed up in their thinking…it is a false and immature thought process that applies such nonsense to all believers.

    1. no your all nuts, lol. for instance why do you call him/her god? god is a title isn’t it? like hindu don’t call their gods god 1, god 2 etc etc, you people are nuts. i beleive there is a spiritual entity out there, i believe you are all praying to the same “diamond” if you will, all looking at it from a different angle and all thinking you are looking at something else. haha, religion is for fools.spirituality is where it is at.

  3. Did anyone else have a very strong urge to just punch her in the face and bitch slap her over and over again, just for being that ecstatic?

  4. Ok, it’s great that people are committed to their faith, but when you start to idolize a horrific event that killed many people for the point you are trying to make with that religion, you are going way too far. As a Christian myself, I found this completely offensive. Here’s a tip hon, when you’re trying to lead others toward your religion, don’t glamorize the death of thousands of people just to make a point.

  5. hi my name is God. I want to grab you by the shoulders and shake you up and down on my big awesome dick. then you can tell me how amazing I am.

  6. This is a spoof. This girl has done it before. She doesn’t actually believe it. It’s an art project for her.

  7. Tell her to worship at the temple of my cock. all she need is a good penising and she be Sane 😛 all bumb religious bitches need cock to fix them

  8. This chick is so fucking crazy if you put on a white robe grew a sick beard and said you were God she’d really get on her knees if you know what I’m saying this bitch wants to fuck God.

  9. As a representative of Christians everywhere, We apologize for this crazy bitch. She does not represent our beliefs…well, the sane ones. Granted, there are lots of crackjobs but we try to ignore them

  10. holy shit. She is just like my sister in law. where in the hell in the bible does it say WHAT day the world will end. NOBODY KNOWS.

  11. i can’t wait until this bitch dies and realizes there is no heaven for her high and mighty ass to go to and that she wasted her whole life being a stuck up bitch. 😀 fuck religion, long live the logical atheists.

  12. JESUS CHRIST IS A WORTHLESS FUCKING CUNT. What happened in Japan is prove that God hates everyone. And you, you stupid fucking Christian cunt, you prayed for something like this to happen?? Hundreds and thousands of people to die?? Fuck you and fuck your God. I’ve walked on things better than you.

  13. Wait… Is she sitting there in her bra? Has anyone else noticed that?

    I don’t think her “god” would approve, he might strike her dead for showing off her body.

  14. So insteed of America “god” chose to “shake” Japan,a country where ppl are so nice,good and friendly ? Damn that sounds so logical ….

  15. Tie her up and have lots of random guys fuck her all day, every day and then see how far her fucking prayers help her. 🙂
    “They took me and shook me! My prayers were answered!”

    1. She ain’t playing you dumb. Would anyone put a video of themselves say very bad thing like everyone should die and think it’s a joke. Some place she can go to jail for saying that. Actually we could consider her as a terrorist!

  16. She sounded like talking about god and prayer and shaking Japan was orgasmic…I’ll stick with atheism,sex and masturbation please and thank you!! Lol

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