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    1. Some guys like it and some women are comfortable enough with themselves to not do anything with it. I say more power to them for it.

    1. It’s hard to tell, cuz he/she takes good care of his/her eyebrows, why not do the same with the tache?

    1. he was kenyan, heidi you dumb fucking degenerate negro. and the woman out of her god damned mind to degenerate her genes like that. fucking negroes equals taking your genes for a fucking loop 125 000 years back in time and evolution. how stupid can you be. anyway, the reason why 90% of all “african americans” are half-bloods, “heidi”, isn’t because of what the negro man has done. it’s because you all have white landlords in your gene pool. that was a mistake, too, but i bet it was fun for the involved parts. plus, several generation of degenerate apes from africa had their genes severely enhanced. oh well.

  1. O-K. I understand that there’s only one parent in the picture and he/she gotta cover for both mommy and daddy roles, but for hell’s sake… Did he/she had to get SO DAMN LITERAL!? Ew!

  2. She must not care about the mustache because she seems to put a lot of effort into her appearance. So if she is ok with it, then great! Good for her.

  3. The little girl in the blue dress is sporting a child size stache and she looks like she wants to strangle someone.Crying shame.

    1. i want to give her a bigass kiss after she drinks a glass of milk. she prolly just as sexy downstairs.

  4. I feel bad for the kids going to school…other kids be pointing and doing the dozens saying,”YO MAMA GOT A MOUST-AAAAAAAAAA-CHE!” and the kids can’t have a comeback ‘cuz it’s true…

  5. ok guys im from the feminist organization of: Free Hairy Girls so STFO or we will sue you…we girls can use all the hair we want wherever we want….dont you like our sexi mustache and hairy legs??

  6. Single-parent families, these days. It’s such a shame. This mother tried to do her best by being mom and dad at the same time.

  7. baby on the bottom: wtf r u lookin at!?
    toddler on the right: ya u no u want diss
    girl on the top: i want my real mommy!
    woman at the left: i like my mustache cuz its sexy like dat

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