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  1. The best part is the fishnet jersey shirt that goes great with the matching “omg, the 80s are coming back” earrings…such a beautiful pairing

  2. UNCLE GAYLORD! Why are you taking pictures? Seriously, who took this picture? It is my Aunts ‘Husband’…needless to say, there have been no kids on account of them waiting for the ‘right time’ for 5 years…

    1. I should add that he is really caring, and does her nails and hair for her all the time… They even go shoe shopping together… But not Jewelry shopping…he hasnt quite got the eye for that…

  3. The fail here is his hairdresser…some people need to work on just saying no. Wherever he’s going and whoever is getting those flowers are in for a big f-cking surprise

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