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  1. Well, his necklace says ‘Barbie Boy’ so gender identification isn’t the issue here. I’m thinking this is more of a WTF Fail.

  2. Ah… My husband has been at it again I see… dressing up our daughterson like an alien and taking half nude pictures of himher… I wonder if my husband is a pedophile..

  3. OMG! he is such a beautiful man…i would convert my self from lesbian to homosexual so i can be with this beauty!!

  4. I watch him on youtube…..most of you are mad cause he look better then you do and he is comfortable with his sexuality….an for the dudes that commented it makes you gay for staring that hard…..just mad cause Yal hair is nappy as hell an he killing you hoe’s keep up the good work barbie boy…..

  5. i dont know why this is even a fail i watch him on youtube all the time …his videos are awesome!! not only is he fine as a boy but he’s pretty as hell as a girl…so i count this as a WIN!

  6. I LOVE HIM ! His videos speak nothing but the truth ! yall are just some haters 🙂 and there isnt a gender identification fail, im pretty sure he knows what he is and proud of it ! <3 you dollface !

  7. hee’ss tuee cutee ,, all yall thaatss coming aat him foul iss somee damn HATERS !. point blaank nuff seend straight DROPPED !.

  8. where i stay so called “dude” wont be able to walk two feet down my block… dude get his ass beat by them butch females that have a bigger dick then him… and you stupid broads that are saying stop hating, you know for dam sure if your boy came home dressed like that one day, you’d dump him in a heart beat.. so SLLAAAPPP shut your lying ass up..

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