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  1. And at that moment, Alana realized that her boyfriend’s friends never liked her and thought she was wrong for him. revelations are bitches!!

    and skanks and whores obv

    1. haha… Such a familiar situation. If 33 people say “Finally, for fuck’s sake,” just get the hint and walk away.

    2. reminds me of one of my exes. she was head over heels for me and 2 of her friends could never stand me because i was “too nice” haha. when that relationship ended, they did that whole “status like” thing…i just laughed me ass off…kinda goes to show how friends can influence ya

    1. Pretender fail. You could have at least used only one “n” like in the pic. Would have been more believable.

  2. Ugh sounds like my brother’ psycho ex. She’s obsessed and gets mad if he talks to another girl but it’s okay when she fucks other guys.

    1. In 1928, D. H. Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover gained notoriety for its frequent use of the words fuck, fucked, and fucking.
      Perhaps the earliest usage of the word in popular music was the 1938 Eddy Duchin release of the Louis Armstrong song “Ol’ Man Mose”. The words created a scandal at the time, resulting in sales of 170,000 copies during the Great Depression years when sales of 20,000 were considered blockbuster. The verse reads:
      (We believe) He kicked the bucket,
      (We believe) Yeah man, buck-buck-bucket,
      (We believe) He kicked the bucket and ol’ man mose is dead,
      (We believe) Ahh, fuck it!
      (We believe) Buck-buck-bucket,
      (We believe) He kicked the bucket and ol’ man mose is dead.

      from search “Fuck”

  3. wow alana, your fucked in the head you really need to take a pill the more you bitch about this shit the more people are going to like it, you truley fail ass. sinserley YOUR MUM

  4. Did anyone else notice that the two likes displayed are guys? Looks like all his bros are skanks, according to Alana.

  5. hey bitches. I AM ALANA AND WHO EVER POSTED THIS ON HERE IS SO DEAD. now I have a huge list of people that I have to destroy and each one of you who posted something here is on this list. FUCK YOU ALL!!!

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