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  1. She – like -needs to -like – quit school – and like – just get a job at the tanning salon (or like – making pornos or something) like now. I mean like – why waste any more of your time and your parents’ money with school – like DUH! Seriously though…/head desk 8(

    1. Like – Omg, you’re like – so totally right and stuhh.

      But seriously, though – She’s a fucking idiot and needs to just throw on her McDonald’s cap and get back to work. People are waiting for their drive-thru orders.

  2. Sorry, but she’s right. These dickwads expect us to assimilate when we visit their countries but they come here and pay no attention to our rules, traditions and values.There was a time when immigrants were required to SPEAK ENGLISH in order to become citizens, now we see second generation parents talking to their toddlers in some other language. Is it any wonder this country has gone from being a “melting pot” to a SHIT POT?

  3. Why do stupid bitches always have to make fun of other people? She thinks just because men find her attractive (..which is stupid on their part in the first place, because they obviously haven’t heard her speak or looked at her face..) that she can just trash other people. If someone was bothering you in a library, why not just tell them to shut the fuck up, or kindly ask them to leave? Don’t come to the internet and cry like a little bitch – You’re alone right now, with internet access – Do your fucking homework and shut your juicer.

  4. Thank u for listening….but….ive NEVER seen a white girl on her phone in an inappropriate place…nor have i seen a foreigner in our country EVER! America is full of rich white people who dont deserve THESE PEOPLE bothering us! How dare we open our minds and let more people in who can help us become a stronger and greater nation regardless of skin color, affiliation, or religion. Americas values were bases on bringing about freedom…and although we turned around and made the same mistake with slavery… we can truly blame that on the 500 years of general thinking prior to that in europe….We are AMERICAN and should set the standards for future world policy.

  5. It’s no that Asian parents don’t teach their children how to take care of themselves, it’s the fact that Asian’s are more family oriented than Americans. Also, they put more importance in studies than Americans do.

    1. u got it! if this person has issues with people talking on their cell phone at a library, you just say that, why bring bulls*** into it. and she clarified that it wasn’t talking towards her friends in the beginning, what her Asian friends or her friends that talk on their cell phones in the library, lol. this embarrasses me, as I am a attractive blonde as well, but with intelligence and respect for others. I wonder if she knows what her heritage is, cus she doesn’t look native, at some point her family came to this country and never converted to the lifestyle that was currently living here. instead they took what they wanted and started to say its theirs, we need to draw a line somewhere, and learn to respect the differences of others. until we learn to accept the differences maybe then we can consider having true peace in this world that all people, nature, and animals share.

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