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    1. I call richochet… unless you are some sort of mathematical genius crossed with rainman (or rainwoman), capable of calculating the exact trajectory the bullet took compared to the actual trajectory, there’s no way of saying either way.

      However shenanigens is an amazing word, for which I congratulate you heartily!

    2. So kid aims it across the table, the B.B pellet ricochets into some metal object supposedly off screen and then hits the guy in the eye? What did it ricochet and how do the laws of physics allow this bb pellet to curve!? Doesnt take reainman to figure that one out. I STILL CALL THIS SHENANIGANS!! >:U

    3. The pellet ricocheted off the fucking target right in front of him stupid asses! off the table into the target right there and into his eye.
      It is not shenanigans and its most likely not fake. ive had an airsoft pellet, of which that was, ricochet off two or three walls and hit me still.. it was chance it hit him in the eye but it wasnt fake! STOP THINKING EVERYTHING IS FAKE!

    1. @lala yeah im sure when your not falling asleep getting a tattoo you and your brother shoot each other in the face with bb guns. lol

    2. it depends on where it hit. if it hit him in the forehead or cheek, I agree hes a pussy. but if it actually hit him in the eye its full of soft delicate tissue and the pellet, even being plastic, at that speed couldve broken make areas of it and possibly blinded him.

    1. I owned a 12 gauge shotgun when I was 10, I think airsoft are just fine IF you teach your kids how to handle them.

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