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  1. Parents fail? I don’t believe this little child understands the sexual subtext this “dance” presents. This video is rather “dumb chicks sexy wannabe fail”….

    1. like they say, you can take the man out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the man… they must like to be below everyone else standards.

    1. Because they’re dancing, in their home, having fun with their family and children happen to BE in the family..there should be a genocide and a genocide is acceptable? You sir, are FCUKED.

    2. apparently FcukU is missing the fact that the little girl tries booty shaking aswell,and some of the females in the clip are all proud of it, hence the parent fail

    3. @FcukU….no sir!…its cus they have a big fat fugy arse thats why genocide is acceptable..and I dont mean Phat..I mean FAT!!!!!!!

    4. @aksdjxc, if knowing grammar is in this at all, then you are the one that needs to learn it. its learn to use grammar. dumb ass

    1. It’s ok @Adrian, we know you just a weeping sack of dripping dog shit. Lol cus from what ive seen….it definately a step back AT ALL. Jealousy aint a goodlook on a flat ass troll. Cry about it bitch.

    2. @fcuku, learn some grammar and learn to spell, no wonder bitches like you fail high school, and live a dead end life.

  2. I’m sure if they were doing dances like this back in the day, White slavers would have turned right around and go back to America.

    1. Exactly, and like in viable cultures, the children learn to dance early, from example, the better to attract a mate later. You better go back to school and study sociology a little more.

    2. Your joking. They are instilling these things into the child who is totally oblivious as to what they are doing. The dance is to provocative to the young childs eyes. I would have no problem of this was done away from the kids, but god damn. And if thats not enough for you theres a can of four loko on the coffee table I think. I used to drink it a lot in high school, and its too large to be a soda.

    3. @Scarymun, the child is gonna be exposed to sexual provocative, DANGEROUS things one way or the other, for the rest of her life. Seeing family members shake their donk, aint gonna make the child spontaneously combust. Lol so jam bro.

    4. Seeing as the way sexual themes in life have progressed over the years, by the time that little girl is their age, that will be nothing.I bet she watches tv anyways so it really doesnt matter what they do at home.

    5. I agree with HorrorFan they are just having fun. Why post it on the internet though? To those that don’t know what they were doing it is a sexual thing. When you are behind a chick and got your cock in em good they are suppose to shake the booty like that to help the guy cum in their ass. That is the whole point of that “dance” as some people put it. What do you think it meant when they got on the floor like that and shook their asses like that? lol

    1. No you wouldnt …. unless you like fat ugly trife hookers. I feal abd for the child, shes gonna be a ho at age 4

    1. Owww….I more than agree, haven’t anyone noticed yet we’re living a era og the highest percentage of teenage pregancy, not only in the third world countries but Europe and america(north and south) including Uk –‘

  3. You white people are just jealous you can’t move your stiff robotic bodies like these girls can. No-rhythm having racists. Find something new to say about black people besides, “ape-this and ape-that..” I see so many dumb white girls TRYING to shake their flat asses like they know how to get down and they fail.

    1. umm you talk about being everyone else being racist and yet you talk about”dumb white girls trying to shake their flat asses” your just as ignorant as they are and that is why the world is the way it is because everyone has to talk shit and act ignorant everyone needs to grow up and stop acting so damn stupid or were always going to be in the same place and there always going to be hate in the world. and this is coming from a white girl with an ass and rhythm fyi

    2. @lmao Between whites getting tans, butt implants, and pumping up their lips trying to look like black people and black people straightening their hair, dying it blond, lightening their skin, and wearing blue contacts trying to look like white people I think we are all pretty much hypocrites so just stuff it and move on.

    3. Everyone should just leave it alone, pretty soon the whole world is going to be caramel colored with blue eyes and kinky hair. Because it’s all pink on the inside, like my fiance says. Im a black haired Latina with brown eyes and he’s a blonde headed blue eyed white boy…that’s balance.

  4. Lol, honestly.. I think its perfectly fine because Beyonce is doing her booty shaking on tv and children all seem fine. Lol. I think it was kinda cute the baby attempted.