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    1. I remember this guy. He was on ripley’s believe or not years back. Time has been good to this feline. He hasent aged *snicker* a bit.

    1. Dont you recognize him? He’s the kitty from all those Fancy Feast cat food commercials

  1. I saw this dude on Ripley’s Believe it or Not 10 years ago. This dude is badass, he has an animatronic tail attached to his lower back.

  2. Sad that it is obvious the fool sucks on the government teat of welfare yet has money to pay for such foolishness. Prime example of why welfare needs to be ended and if they starve, let ’em starve.

    1. actually, ur wrong. he makes more money as the “cat” per year in tv appearences etc than you will in 10. never claimed welfare, all paid for himself.

  3. I met this guy in San Diego, he works on computers and is an asshole! He thinks the can get what he wants by being scary!

  4. I think he’s pretty cool. There was a program on tv about him ages ago. He’s called Dennis Avner, though he prefers his Native American name, Stalking Cat.

    Description of modifications:

    extensive tattooing, including facial tattooing
    hairline modification
    facial transdermal implants to allow the wearing of whiskers
    facial subdermal implants to change the shape of the brow, forehead and the bridge of the nose (a planned future implant on the top of his head for mounting tiger-like ears)
    filing and capping of his teeth to have a more feline appearance
    wearing green contact lenses with slit irises
    having his ears surgically pointed and the earlobes elongated
    silicone injection in the lips, cheeks, chin and other parts of his face
    bifurcated upper lip


    1. He is cool. He knows what he’s doing is seen as weird and off-putting, but he’s being himself.

  5. I really wish this THING would chew off it’s head already, I’m so sick and tired of seeing it, please run and hide NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS SHIT! YOU’RE DISGUSTING AND STUPID!!!

  6. dennis the cat man is older than the internet. like, literally… his story has been on several news channels before the web was even popular. His only fail is that he appears to have breasts. 0_0

  7. I saw this guy at Best Buy in Lynnwood, WA. He told me he is trying to save up so he can do more work. He should save up so he have himself fixed…

  8. Epic body modification WIN c:
    Cat man, is one of the most modified people in the world.
    Talk shit guys, everybody knows who he is, but does anybody worth anything know your name? No.

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