Steak House Name And Slogan Fail


People Fail

“I snapped this picture last week in St. Petersburg of a billboard advertising a local

Japanese restaurant. Unfortunate name and slogan.”

Submitted by Joe A.

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    1. Yeah, because creating a business name, filing the necessary paper work, building an establishment, hiring a wait staff, and getting a huge ass billboard in little than 2 weeks, all just for a Japanese Sushi restaurant to take a jab at their home country. Yeah, that’s totally what happened.

    2. Hey just look at that aflac dude.
      he did it just with his twitter account lol.

      Oh and yeah I think that’s what exactly happened.

    3. I hope you’re just joking and not being serious.

      They didn’t open up a restaurant and started advertising to make fun of Japan, it’s that simple.

    1. @BLAHBLAH: I’ll bet you’re the only one that understands that one. I was waiting on someone to bitch about me insulting their ignorance.

  1. bullshit
    This is author’s fail. There is no Palms in St. Petersburg.
    English billboard in Russia? DOUBLE FAIL

  2. there’s way more than just one restaurant named Tsunami. it’s been around as a common restaurant name for years.

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