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  1. idiot loooooooser get a life i got a bitch nigga just like him in my neighborhood i cant wait for him too try something im gonna send him to the hospital

  2. This is funny, the wannabe gansta trying to jack with someone who seems to have a head on his shoulders. The wansta was never going to do anything and most likely would have had his ass handed to him by Baby Blue. Take “Loco” shave his head, take away his baggy clothes, and drop him in a true war zone and watch him fold!

  3. Damn, I was hoping Baby Blue had a screwdriver hidden in that book and was going to stab that faggot right in his gay ass manicured eyebrow. You heard it here first… Bloody Loco is a faggot.

  4. That was real raw how he was acting like he was reading but you know he was ready to beat fire outta Loca lol. Man, people are so insecure. Everybody wants to be a tough guy.

  5. I would’ve asked him, “Do they call you ‘Bloody Loco’ because you bleed a lot when you get your ass kicked? I mean, I need to know, before I fuck up my good shoes with your blood, piss, and $hit.”, then, I would’ve put down the book (proof he WAS intimited!) and stared at Loco until he made a move, then stabbed him in the neck with my pen and broke it off in there. 😀

  6. I would have just ignored him. If he touched me I would kick his ass but like I’ve always been told and have practiced throughout my life that sticks and stones may break my bones but your stupid words won’t ever hurt me.

  7. What a WASTE of space! Bloody Loco, more like Bloody Tampon. I hope that asshole gets fully humiliated before he ends up getting murdered, which I guarantee will happen to him if he keeps acting the way he does. What a POS.

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