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  1. This is a win! He will be the kindergarten bad-ass very soon. By the way I’m betting that his dad taught him and got a beating from his wife and thats why “we don’t say that anymore.”

    1. garbage people do and say garbage things and of course they raise more garbage people. This is despicable …….and despicable is cool to garbage trailer park people

    2. lol @ chris for the randomness, and i agree Lawrence. “We don’t say that anymore” but I’ll just go ahead and record it…?

  2. “This is what those late nights watching movies with Mommy and Daddy do to you, little girl! You need to go to sleep earlier!”

  3. Even conversations would be nice: “Would you like some water?” “Fuck it!” “I’m sorry for asking.” “Fuck it!”…

  4. I can’t even begin to think about how this baby cries when she wakes up in the middle of the night, calling her mama.. MOOOOM.. FUCK IT.. WHERE ARE YOU.. FUCK IT.
    Stewie in the making!

  5. “Haley you got a smelly diaper hang on I gotta powder you.” “fuck it.” “what?” “fuck it.” “if you say so…” And the pedobear was born.

  6. this dude needa be slapped, while this is funny as hell,at the same time, its kinda sad, this due need some new parenting skills

  7. I’m sure she overheard her dad say it and picked it up…yet babies never seem to pick up the harmless words that way. You never hear a kid running around yelling “therefore therefore therefore therefore!”

  8. -fuck it, fuck it fuck it
    -ellie don’t say that anymore
    -fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it
    – …fuck it
    – NO, DAD! NO!

  9. Just think… twenty years from now she’ll be screaming those same words for a totally different reason altogether.

    (wakka-chikka bak-bahhhh)

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