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    1. cute chick, it is a serious fail. the tattoo artist cant spell for shit. it says owm when it should say own, not the mention the 2nd YOUR is all fucked up too.

    2. It looks like the so called tattoo artist can’t write cursive. The “M” is actually a cursive “N”, but since none of the words are connected it looks like print.

    3. look at CUTE CHICK’S post and see why she doesn’t get it…”I”, “tattoo”, “it’s”…just saying….

    4. that’s sure what I thought when I saw it. omg how REALISTIC! looks JUST LIKE REAL SHOOTING STARS! FO REELZ!

    1. the n’s look like m’s and the y in ‘your’ is missing a little something…on top of it being generally crappy.

    2. The “Y” can be easily finished by any moron. The first “Own” is fine… the second is fixable. Meh.

    1. hes refering to the dark lord “sun” who will rise form the deepest depths of the ocean and will enslave all humanity for forgetting his power. Then kill them over and over because he can give you life just to give you another slow painful death. All Hail sun our future master.

    2. no wai bud, I don’t believe you. like siriusly, ya right, and a schooner is a sailboat, ya ohkay, no wai man.

      r u some kind of astrophysician or something?
      r u a wizard?

    3. you are by far the dumbest person in the world. the sun is a star.. look it up on google. retard

    4. wtf is google?

      can you retards even get it through your heads that I’m fucking with you yet?

  1. well, first off this a “fuckin meaningless bullshit phrase”-FAIL… but what the fuck happened to that ‘y’

  2. well for starters if ur gonna get a tattoo on ur back then u might wanna think about shaving first, and u might wanna look in the mirror b4 u leave the ballpoint pen store next time.And dont forget to follow ur owm life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya

  3. points for fancy writing, but what happened when said “artists crossed the “t”??? Anyone else notice it doesn’t line up?

  4. you guys are idiots. didn’t any of you learn how to write cursive in elementary school? The ‘n’s have 2 humps and the ‘m’s have 3 humps. DUH!

    1. Took plenty of handwriting classes. cursive letters are connected, which the letters in owm are not, and that is distinctly an ‘m’ sorry to burst your little defensive bubble. I mean if you really wanna go into the handwriting stuff there are tons of mistakes to point out, but obviously creativity is allowed for, just not to the point where you have apparently misspelled a word that is permanently etched into someone’s skin

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