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  1. The damned car is bigger than the whole truck! They’re trying to put the car’s rear end up on the cab of the truck, I think. How can anybody have the nerve to even try what they are doing with so many people standing around looking at their foolish shit? That’s really sad.

    1. Sense of… humility? just the other day a local newspaper, click(.ro) had an article in which a rich guy showed his weener to some police dorks :))

      And yeaaaa. Rumeinia. My country 😀

  2. I love how the americans think romanians are stupid and all when they see a couple of fails, but they don’t realize that more that 75% of fails on this site are americans and don’t know what the rest of the world thinks about them… Think about this: in Romania exist stupid people, in America there 50 times more… numbers don’t lie.

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